Welcome to our “Familia Flecha.” To us, you are – not just another number to process.

Meeting with Attorney Crucita is NOT your average consultation.  Generally speaking when you go to a consultation with an attorney, they will sit and listen and then tell you whether they can help and how much it will cost. But when you leave, you still have no idea HOW they can help. We are different. We know that you need help and direction NOW, not vague promises about the future. More importantly, we believe you should know and understand how each step in your case will be handled.


Our Goals in Welcoming You Into the “Familia Flecha”:


  1. We put a face to the name; we are a smaller law firm that strives to take a personal approach. You are not just a number to us. We value your trust and time.
  2. We go over options and possible strategies. We want everyone to leave with a tangible “next step.”
  3. Many people leave a consultation confused, scared and lost without fully understanding their rights and responsibilities. Don’t let what you read on the internet or hear from your friends become your worst nightmare! Get information as it relates to YOU. Each case is different, and each story is unique. At Flecha Law, we pay attention to these details.
  4. We familiarize ourselves with your specific situation and concerns. If you decide to retain us after this meeting, we will be leaps ahead of the game as we already will have outlined a strategy.
  5. After retaining us, you will be assigned your own legal assistant – either Isabel, Nely, Ofelia or Kriss – who will assist you in navigating forms, documents and deadlines as we move forward in your case.


At “Familia Flecha,” we take our time to get to know you and hear details about your situation to craft a plan that is tailored just for you. We firmly believe that everyone has the right to get access to information. Whether you retain us or not, we want people to be empowered with the knowledge necessary to make the right choices for their own lives.


Our charge for the initial session is $125.00, payable the day of your consultation.